Artisan Distilling - A Guide for Small Distilleries

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Artisan Distilling - A Guide for Small Distilleries
In recent years there has been rapid world wide increase in interest of producing spirits at smaller, artisan scale. This type of distillation is widely known and practiced in the German and French speaking countries of Europe, but there is a general lack of literature written in English. Great thanks to Professor Berglund for giving it away for free! This book fills the gap and would have most likely cost US$ 100-200 in a book store.

Professor Berglund have helped several of micro distilleries to start their production in the USA. He is a Professor at Lulea University in Sweden, which are on the way to be the leading education center in distilling in Northern Europe. He is also Professor at Michigan State University in USA and he holds a great deal of knowledge on the art distilling and the requirements needed for a Artisan distillery to succeed.

With this book he shares his knowledge, he describes in detail everything of importance and gives you vital information and tips about distilling.