Handbuch zur Heimdestillation

Handbuch zur Heimdestillation

The Original Easy Still Book

FREE E-BOOK - Make your own vodka with the EasyStill. We explain all the steps you need to know.
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The EasyStill makes distilling as easy as making coffee! At last you can make alcohol distillation an easy hobby at home.

The EasyStill is an electric fan cooled tabletop distillation unit. It is simple to use and doesn't need any annoying extras. Safety is paramount, so if the EasyStill is empty and you have forgotten to turn it off, it will automatically shut down for you. Easy!

The EasyStill takes around one hour to heat up 4 litres of Mash, and around 2 hours fo fully distil the mash. This will give 1.4 liters of 46% abv (92-proof) in 3 hours!

In this manual we explain all the steps you need to produce your own vodka or flavoured spirit - from start to finish. FREE E-BOOK

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